23 February, 2014

On being home

This past week we decided to sleep train Grant. It was time. He's almost 9 months old and was still sleeping in our bed half of the night. So I talked with the part-time assistant and my boss and we picked out a full week where I would stay home from work. I was excited for a break! A whole week! Just me and my Grant. But the closer and closer it got, the more nervous I became. I had heard horror stories about sleep training. Hours of crying babies, days with no sleep. 

So I bought that Ferber book, and you know what... having a baby that never sleeps more than 20 minutes and needs to be rocked to and during that sleep doesn't leave much time for reading. ..

So the night before we started (Thursday) I stayed up and skimmed the important chapters for Grant's particular problems. 
My mom stocked my fridge with caffeine. 
We got blessings.
And then the sleep training began.

It wasn't as bad as I had expected. Yes, there were tears - Grant's as well as my own. 
The first night was a lot of crying, but he only woke up once (which my mom laughs at, but for us that was huge. Before he was waking up 2-5 times each night).

But we survived that first night! And then that next day he took two 1.5 hour naps. On his own.

Now he goes to bed on his own (!) in his own room (!) in his own crib (!), he doesn't have a paci (!), doesn't get up to eat during the night (!), AND sleeps through the night! AND has a nap schedule. AND he has two teeth. So we are feeling pretty good over here :)

This past week was hard.
There was lots of this:

And this:

And this:

But there was even more of this:

And this:

And especially this since we were at my parent's house A TON (Holly and my Dad are the two people that Grant is ALWAYS happy for, so the grouchiest parts of the day were spent over there!)

I learned a lot this week about being a stay at home mom. Number one being that it is so hard. Number two being that there is nothing in the world I'd rather be doing! 

18 February, 2014

February 2014

It seems like we have had fun every minute of 2014 so far. Okay, almost every minute. At least me and Grant. 

We visited and toured the Gilbert Temple with my family. Grant was so calm and just took in all the new things to look at - he even let out a crazy loud happy squeal at the top of the staircase.

He was so grumpy yesterday (we are blaming teething) and the only thing, THE ONLY THING that got him to stop whining and crying was sitting on his rocking horse and watching Baby MacDonald.
He was so adorable, he likes to pet the mane, and when the horse sings (if you press his ears) Grant's face lights up and he looks at me and smiles SO big. 

This kid is hilarious. He definitely takes after me when it comes to food. 
He loves vegetables, and only like very few fruits (mostly the fruit blends - apples & blueberries, mangos & pears).
He absolutely hates bananas, as you can see from the picture :)

I really hope this video turns out.
He loves to dance!
Even during the Sacrament hymns, he can be found shaking his head and his booty!

Me and Jed have also started drinking green smoothies every morning. 
(Thanks Julz for the idea and recipes!)
We definitely feel better overall, more energy and I feel less depressed.
It's amazing what good food does!

20 January, 2014


We have absolutely been loving this year so far!
We've had tons of fun just hanging out.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures so far:

this one is upside down, 
but when its the right way it is darn cute.
bradley, aaron, and grant just chillin' on a child-sized Cars couch :)

25 December, 2013

Christmas 2013

We were lucky enough to have a day full of family and lots of fun.
Jed had the day off, so we soaked all that in and loved every minute of it.

We decided to let Grant "open" his presents...

 First was the blank stares...

Then came the eating... 

Oh, I just love our Boy!! 

He had lots of fun, especially when his gifts made it to his mouth:) 

Grandma gave him a set of toys, one if which was a xylophone.  
Once he really figures out how to use it, I'm in for a world of trouble.
But for now he's content to... you guessed it, eat it.

We were seriously spoiled by our families,
and are so blessed and grateful to be surrounded by such thoughtful people.

One of the highlights of the day was Skyping Aunt Loob (Alexa!) from Oregon!!
We got to talk for an hour and a half!
Only 8 more months till she comes home. 

We hope your day was full of love and laughter. 
Merry Christmas!

14 December, 2013

Visiting Santa

Santa came to our ward Christmas party
so we snagged a picture with him and Grant!

Grant didn't mind :)
Clearly he's not afraid of strangers!

11 December, 2013

Our Week

Ha! I'm actually posting sooner than a month between posts!

We've had a lot of adventures this past week. 
Well, adventures for a 6 month old, anyway.

He can somewhat sit up in a cart!  

He can sit on his own for a little bit, so I was able to capture how much he LOVES his toy basket.
If I keep it out where he can see it, he'll fuss and squirm until it's in his grasp.

We had to move the tree from this spot since this picture. 
He drives his "car" right up to the tree and tries to grab the ornaments!
Also, he just loves to wiggle his arms in the branches. 

This face is a totally new development...

I'm not sure if he just wasn't interested in the peach puree or if he was being crazy.
Either way, it cracks me up every time I see it! 

Aunt An gave Grant a pair of strap-on sunglasses! 
Grant loves them!...
for chewing. 
He does NOT like them on his face.

The weather warmed up a bit today (68 degrees!) so we went for a walk!
Little Sir loved being outside again for more than two minutes to get in his car seat!

That was our week!
Adventurous, right?
Every little thing is exciting for - and with! - a baby.

04 December, 2013

Six Month Tricks

Tomorrow marks my baby's half-birthday.

Wait, what? YES. He turns 6 months old tomorrow! I am in shock. And denial. And in depression mode. And incredibly happy, thankful, amazed, and in love. Whoa, motherhood does weird things to a person, right?!

It seems like Grant learns a new trick almost every single day. He can sit on his own for a few minutes at a time, walk the house in his walker, reach for things he wants (including Mom and Dad!), eat pretty well with a spoon, recognize voices, faces, and his name, hold his own bottle, pass things from one hand to another, and the latest trick... roll over!

After weeks and weeks of sad tummy-time experiences and no obvious reward... my mom texted me yesterday with three words. Words that, by themselves, aren't that extraordinary. But yesterday... those words seriously changed my life.


You might be giggling. But I'm serious! My baby is mobile. ..somewhat..


It started with one roll. Then two, and by the time he went to bed last night... 9 times. So even though the video looks like he rolled on accident, 9 times in a row is not a coincidence or an accident. He did it!

We're so proud of our guy!

And I seriously don't care one ounce if you are laughing at us. 

Cuz this is a huge milestone.

04 November, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013 was quite uneventful. Jed had to work. But Grant dressed up as a ninja turtle for the ward trunk-or-treat and the Marble party.

The Surgery!

So Grant had his surgery. Finally.
We weren't expecting to get it done until closer to the end of the year, but the urologist's office called me on Thursday night (HALLOWEEN) and said the Doctor had a cancellation for the next day. So I jumped on that chance and scheduled Grant for his wiener surgery the next day.

It all happened so fast. Thank goodness. Cuz I barely had time to freak out.

Let me take you through our day...

Apparently, the lizards lead you to the surgery reception.

a blurry pic on our way up!

dad and Grant in pre-op

 he didn't care that it was so cold, or he was starving. 
he was just happy with all the attention he was getting from the staff!

post-op. our baby did so well!
he slept most of the day friday. in our arms. he did NOT want to be left ever. 
but now his "W" is all done. 
If you didn't already know, the hospital refused to do his circumcision when he was born.
also, his was twisted about 45 degrees to the left.
he gets his "cast" and stitches out on Wednesday. 
Wish us luck, cuz i'm worried about that one...

Just an Update

 All we ever do is play with Baby. Our world revolves around him, his next bottle, and how many times he pooped today. 
My phone is filled with pictures of his adorable face.
So if you clicked onto this blog to see something funny, or crazy, or weird about life in general... you've come to the wrong place!
Here are pictures of my kid:

HE makes the BEST facial expressions.

What a chunk! He loves sitting in the jumper, and has his eyes set on the door hinges, lately. 

When I clean the bathrooms (on those rare occasions that that actually happens...) I put Grant in his chair in front of the mirror in my room. He always enjoys seeing his friend, Grant! But the other day, he sat and laughed and laughed and laughed and talked to himself the entire time I cleaned. IT. WAS. ADORABLE. 

A couple weeks ago when we came home from a walk, I announced to Grant, "we're home!" and this was the face I got in return... what a hoot. 

We started giving Grant oatmeal. He loves it. He reaches for the spoon, gets antsy when I'm not going fast enough, and cries cries cries when he's finished the bowl. Poor fellow, takes after me and my love of food.

In other news... Jed and our friend Mark finished our patio roof! They put up a nice vinyl whatever and it looks so great! GOOD JOB Jed! And thanks, Mark, for staying all day to put it up! 

Also, this blog gets kinda pushed out of the way and forgotten.
But I post pictures almost daily on Instagram.
So follow me!
my handle is melaniej605